A Letter by Bill Drake, President of FSRA

Bill Drake

As we end another year, I want to express my gratitude for each of you who are our members and friends. Your continued support for our important work of protecting Native American resources is much appreciated.

Our end of the year/New Year’s newsletter is later than intended due to a heavy winter storm in late December. Jane, our newsletter editor, and I were out of power for almost a week and one-half.

We are delighted to welcome Amber Nelson, the Tahoe National Forest’s new District Archaeologist for the Yuba River District, working out of the Nevada City office. She replaces our friend Bill Slater who was District Archaeologist and FSRA’s main TNF contact throughout our first 30 years. A few weeks ago, FSRA board member Nolan Smith and I were able to take Amber and her two assistants, Luciano and Emma, to visit sites in Bear Valley and on Spaulding Ridge. This was her introduction to our region’s rock art. “Virus permitting,” Amber will be our featured speaker at an FSRA public event in May. As for other TNF personnel: Jesse Krautkramer serves as District Archaeologist on the Foresthill District, Nolan Smith’s old position. And, to our good fortune, Carrie Smith continues in her role as Forest Archaeologist. (See article on Amber in our Winter Newsletter.)

The year 2021, with COVID and California’s fires, smoke, and unusually high temperatures, has had its challenges for us. In spite of this, we did fit in some outings as well as monitoring visits, and were able to do a couple of on-site monitor trainings. In addition, FSRA produced a YouTube video on regional rock art ( This fall we received a $2,000 grant. The money will be used to support our site monitoring program.

Our board has been working on a 5-year plan for FSRA (see separate article in our Winter Newsletter). The goals we wish to achieve are based on input from members (solicited last year) and board members. A long range project is the creation of a thorough site record for the Many Panels (AKA Byers Lake) site, which is accessed by a long, semi-strenuous, hike out Grouse Ridge. Many Panels has, as the name implies, multiple panels of petroglyphs spread out over a large area. (Our newsletter at the end of last year included a photo of an area of rock art that was stolen from this site.) The recording project will involve two stages. Initially, a small crew will make a simple survey of the area of concern to obtain a better sense of the site’s features.

Members are encouraged to mail in ballots for next year’s board and membership renewals. PLEASE MAIL YOUR MEMBERSHIP AND BALLOTS BY FEBRUARY 5, 2022. Related forms are at the end of this newsletter. In addition, members who want to make a year end donation to our site protection/preservation endeavors are welcome to do so.

Wishing you the best for 2022!

Bill Drake

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Gives you the opportunity to experience these ancient images while learning about how we work to protect them and about the people that made them. Educational outings to sites are offered to members with an agreement that their locations are kept confidential. See our Code of Ethics, Confidentiality Agreement, and Release of Liability text below.

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  4. BORROWED DOCUMENTS • I agree to RETURN ALL DOCUMENTS BORROWED from the landowner, Agency and FSRA, annually, or when requested.


Friends of Sierra Rock Art (FSRA) is a volunteer organization operating for the purpose of helping to provide stewardship of Native American petroglyph and pictograph sites located in the region of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and elsewhere. In furtherance of its purpose, FSRA sponsors field trips to various locations and other activities.

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